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Pure Starter Block with 40mm hole - 10x10x7cm.


Commercial grade grow blocks manufactured from high-grade coco raw material.

  • PURE starter blocks are made especially for cannabis
  • Organic product
  • Produced in ISO 9001:2015 factory - consistent quality assured.
  • Wetting agent ensures nutrients are immediately plant available
  • pH buffered using our patented, sustainable and totally organic process. Less toxic for the environment and surrounding water sources.
  • The unique fiber density of the PURE starter block makes better use of water and fertilizers while allowing better dry back.
  • Our PURE starter blocks are priced for commercial cannabis production
  • Tear away bottom - when ready simply tear the bottom plastic off and place on top of the flowering bag!
  • PURE starter blocks were designed and tested stringently in Holland
  • This product is used by the largest cannabis cultivators in North America

Pure Coco Starter Block (10x10x7) 216/case

Out of Stock
    • Weight: 0.1kg
    • Material Composition: Sieved and washed coco material
    • Electrical Conductivity: <0.5 mS/cm
    • pH: 5.5-6.5
    • Sodium: <29 mg/L
    • Water Holding Capacity (L/kg): 5-7
    • Air Filled Porosity (V/V%): >25%
    • Organic Matter (% By Weight): 95-98%
    • Volume: 0.13 Gal / 0.5 Litres
    • Dimensions Size (Dry): 10x10x1.5cm
    • Dimensions Size (Wet): 10x10x7cm