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Features include:

  • Save time and Money

  • Multi sized de-budding Slots ¼” 3/8” and ½”

  • Easy to clean

  • Zero maintenance

  • A solid and seamless design

  • Ideal for home growers and licensed Producers

Sun Parlour Cannabis Grower Supply is proud to present a NEW handheld de-budding tool that will save you time and money. Made from top-of-the-line plastic, the solid seamless design has 3 unique sizes ¼” 3/8” & ½”, so no matter the size or shape of your plant this bucker will get the job done.


The Throttle Bucker works great with any product, wet or dry, simply insert the end of the branch into a slot and pull along the length of branch, removing all the buds as you go. Once the job is done it can easily be submerged in Alcohol for cleaning. Use year after year by both home growers and commercial operations. Maintenance? A word of the past, say goodbye to maintenance costs, this bucker requires zero.

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