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Premium 3 in 1 Crop & Plant Rescue is ideal for use on labelled fruits, vegetables, roses, and flowers. It can be used as a dormant and growing season spray to control listed insects and mites.


DIRECTIONS FOR MIXING: Mix one part concentrate in 50 parts water (20 mL concentrate per 1 L water) to make a 2% solution. Shake well before each use and stir or shake diluted spray frequently during use. Apply solution at a spray volume of 100–200 mL/m² using a hand-held trigger sprayer, hand sprayer or backpack sprayer.


INSECT CONTROL: Apply at first sign of insect presence. Thoroughly spray insect pests on plants until the plant parts are wet, including underside of leaves. Insects and mites, including eggs, must be contacted with spray. May also be used to control overwintering life stages, including eggs, of pests present in the dormant season (e.g. scale insects, mites and mealybugs) on listed shrubs, evergreens, woody plants, fruit trees and shade trees. See Use Site table for specific dormant season applications. Repeat treatment every 7–14 days if needed.


POWDERY MILDEW SUPPRESSION: For suppression of powdery mildew, thoroughly apply to both upper and lower leaf surfaces. Continue every 7–14 days as needed. The 7-day application interval is recommended under moderate to high disease pressure. To prevent infection and protect new growth, spray pre-bloom and at early leaf stages. USE SITES: For the crops and pests listed in the table below, application must be made using a 2% solution. See Directions for Mixing for instruction on solution preparation.


Doktor Doom Premium 3 in 1 Crop & Plant Rescue 1 Liter Concentrate

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