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ZenZyme is a 100% natural enzyme tonic that kindles the proliferation of microorganisms in grow media accelerating the breakdown and recycling of undesirable residue and waste.


• Stabilizes the grow medium.

• Accelerates the disposal of residual salts and dead root matter in grow media.

• Aids in the breakdown and mineralization of nutrients making them easily available to plants.

• Stimulates the proliferation of micro-organisms in soil.

• Treats and cleanses grow media promoting a healthy environment for roots.

• Reinforces the plant’s natural defense system against soil and plant pathogens.

• Has a sanitizing affect on dripper systems.

• Suitable for all soil and soilless substrates.


ZenZyme vitalizes grow media and builds up plant immunities paving the road to rooted harmony.

* ZenZyme is not a fertilizer

Optimum Hydroponix ZenZyme

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  • Concentrated, must be diluted. Shake well before use.
    Hydroponics: Add 2 ml per litre of nutrient solution at each change or top up of the reservoir. Use throughout the life cycle of the plant.
    Soil or Coco: Add 2 ml per litre of water at each watering throughout the life cycle of the plant. Compatible with all plant fertilizers.
    Alternate application: May also be used as a rinse. Add 2 ml per litre of clean water then run grow system for 24 hours. After 24 hours resume regular feedings. Repeat every 10 days between regular feedings.
    Do not use with products containing hydrogen peroxide

  • Read label before using. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

    Storage: Keep from freezing; never pile up more than 3 containers. Keep in a sealed container and store in a cool dry place. Protect from exposure to excessive heat and sunlight.

    Safety Precautions: Do not swallow. In case of contact with eye; rinse with water for 5 mins; consult a doctor.