Humex Fossil Force, is a liquid treasure to trigger hormonal activity and improve nutrient absorption at the root zone in hydroponic or soil grown plants

Derived from highly compressed, natural organic humus, humates increase efficacy of micro and macronutrients making them more available to the root zone.

Humex Fossil Force, a liquid concentrate derived from soluble humates contains a myriad of natural compounds known to facilitate nutrient uptake and restore the natural balance in soil necessary to optimize plant growth.


• Stimulates plant enzymes and hormones.

• Optimizes nutrient uptake.

• Increases resistance to environmental stress.

• Environmentally safe.


Humex Fossil Force promotes high ion exchange and increases permeability of plant membranes maximizing nutrient uptake of hydroponic solutions. Diluted in water, it is an extremely effective soil additive for any plants grown indoors, outdoors or watering your lawn.

Humex Fossil Force is a concentrate and must be diluted before application.

Optimum Hydroponix Humex Fossil Force 1L