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Ca-Mg-Fe is a powerful ‘cure-all’ against deficiency symptoms that are common in fast growing flowering plants.


  • Ca-Mg-Fe helps prevent or cure leaf yellowing, leaf curl, stunted growth, withered fruit-set and bud rot.
  • Ca-Mg-Fe excels where “high pH” waters are used, or when nutrient solutions are subject to volatile changes in pH and EC.
  • Ca-Mg-Fe helps prevent ALL “trace element” deficiencies – arguably the most common type of deficiency!  This is achieved by including all SIX* essential trace elements at a meaningful concentration.  Further, these trace elements are in an ‘alkaline-stable’ form, hence should pH rise above 6.5 and as high as 10, the nutrient solution’s trace element component will be fully protected.
    *Iron, copper, manganese, zinc, molybdenum and boron
  • Ca-Mg-Fe compliments existing base nutrients that are simply deficient in cal-mag and essential trace elements.

FloraMax Cal-Mag-Fe 1L

  • When using FloraMax, do I need a “cal-mag”?  No, the FloraMax line is designed to eliminate the requirement for additional “cal-mag” additives as its built into our base nutrients and Flowering Enhancer product.  Over hundreds of test grows during the development phase there was never any need for a dedicated cal-mag additive. Furthermore, use of additional “cal-mag” may result in excessive calcium precipitate leading to clogged lines or build-up in the reservoir.

    Why then does FloraMax manufacture a “cal-mag”?  To address the deficiencies found in competing brands.  We are committed to helping growers achieve their best results regardless of the nutrient regime they follow, our Ca-Mg-Fe product is ideal for use with other regimes.