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DYNOMYCO C™ is the result of 30 years of scientific research at Israel’s Volcani Center (ARO). DYNOMYCO C™ was designed and formulated by a team of biologists, agronomists and soil and plant health scientists to help medical cannabis cultivators reach their plant’s full potential. Cannabis cultivators who use DYNOMYCO C™ achieve higher yields, higher cannabinoid levels and higher terpene content. Plants treated with DYNOMYCO C™ develop a more extensive root system and can thus take full advantage of the growing media.


DYNOMYCO C™ contains 2,500 propagules per gram of Glomus intraradices endomycorrhizal fungi. DYNOMYCO C™ has been tested in medical and recreational cannabis cultivation facilities in the USA and Israel. When adding DYNOMYCO C™ to the growing media, a 10-45% yield increase was observed compared to untreated plants.

DYNOMYCO Mycorrhizal Inoculant

C$45.99 Regular Price
C$30.00Sale Price
    • Plant tolerance to suboptimal pH levels
    • Plant resistance to stress
    • Accelerated plant growth and time-to-harvest
    • Improved nutrient uptake
    • Increased crop yields
    • Fertilizer reduction
    • Suitable for use in various growing media (soil, coco, rockwool)
    • Easy application - at the start of the grow cycle and upon transplantation
    • Suitable for use with synthetic and organic fertilizers
    • Increased oil production
    • Plant tolerance to salinity