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Dutch Nutrient Carbo logic is the logical solution to pamper your plants and fulfill their craving for carbohydrates. It is a 100% organic energy component. Plants need sugars as a source of energy for many different functions. DN Carbo Logic will supply the needed energy plants require for photosynthesis as well as the carbohydrates necessary to produce luxuriant flowers or fruits. DN Carbo Logic is an organic supplement which is an immediate source of all natural energy for your plants.



  • Organic
  • Sweeter tasting fruits
  • Increase in essential oils
  • Immediate source of natural energy
  • Ensures beneficial bacteria and fungi have sufficient food during intense flowering for maximum yield

DN Carbo logic is derived from natural simple and complex carbohydrates. DN Carbo Logic can be used in all stages of the plants growth, from seedlings until final bloom. It will prove beneficial for your plants growth at all times. DN Carbologic also works in combination with all Dutch Nutrient Formula products.

Dutch Nutrient Carbo Logic 10 Kg