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Seed Germination Vegetable HP

INCUBATED PH = 5.2 - 6.0


Specifically designed for the seed germination of vegetables, in trays with small to medium cells or in paper pots.

Vegetables and fruits, like tomatoes, peppers and melons.

All product lines can be adapted. We can build a custom formulation specifically for your needs.

Combination of selected components for uniform germination and development of young seedlings.


  • Easy-to-use mix fills small cells perfectly for consistent growth.

  • Balanced water-to-air ratio allows rapid root ball development.

  • Vermiculite improves water distribution and management.

  • High CEC reduces pH and EC variations.

  • Low fertilizer starter charge lets you control fertigation.

Berger BM2 HP Seed Germination & Propagation Mix

SKU: PM-BM2 3/8