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Not all worm castings are created equal.

VermiCast™ Premium Worm Castings are created by utilizing local natural resources which is formulated into a vegan based diet of nutrients and minerals which is then fed to and a variety of composting worms. The vegan diet is important as most worm castings are generated from animal waste and are susceptible to E.Coli and other Pathogens due to the use of animal waste.

It’s important to know what you grow in.

The special feed formula which is based upon vegan ingredients reduces the risk of pathogen transfer to the castings and then onto edible fruit, vegetables, nuts and plants.

VermiCast™ is lab tested by a Government Certified Lab to ensure quality of nutrients and tested for pathogens to ensure food safety with its use. This is important for Licensed Producers of Organic Cannabis growers, and personal growers that plan on using Cannabis for the creation of edibles. Due to our extensive lab testing, VermiCast™ is safe for indoor and outdoor use.

VermiCast™ worm castings are used as a soil amendment which improves soil quality by adding microbes, fungi, nutrient, humus and minerals. Using VermiCast™ improves plant strength, growth and yield.

VermiCast™ is dense, 1L=0.45kg/1lb and will improve moisture retention and drainage in addition to acting as a weed blocker.