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Trimpro Unplugged is an excellent machine to trim buds manually which will leave the flowers clean of leaves before long. At the top we found the handle that connected to a rotating mechanism which activates the sharp steel blades for prune the tops without being gutted.At this same place we also find some leather strips or toes coupled to the handle structure. These toes will help prune the buds using slight pressure making a cleaner cut. The leather is treated with natural oils to avoid their rigidity while maintaining its fine and delicate touch. 


The entire system is mounted on top of a metal cylindrical body that supports the manual mechanism and acts as enclosure to avoid losing the buds and ease as well the pruning.

In the Middle we find the grate and the cutting blades manually controlled. The cutting mechanism is very silent, advantage that other models don't include, being easy to transport. Grates have the holes designed to carry out a clean leaves cut without destroying the buds.


The residual material is placed on the bottom, which we can collect to be used in the case of leaves with resin. With this leaves we can make resin extraction, taking full advantage of marijuana plants.

Trimpro Unplugged has the quality to be able to adapt the height of the stainless steel and reversible cutting blades according to need. The blades are removable to clean them well-being interchangeable in the case of need.