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Grow like a pro on your very first try. Promotes Plants with purity, flavor and nutrition. Highly revolutionized grow system makes others obselete. Easily Connectable 


  • Grow bigger plants faster.
  • Produce uniform professional results with ultimate control and forgiveness.
  • Far Superior to top feeding.
  • Completely expandable for maximum performance and designed for any level of automation.
  • Safer, economical and more reliable than any conventional flood and drain system.
  • Greatly reduces water consumption and nutrient usage saving you money.
  • Built in residue free reservoir. This feature also allows more vertical growth space.
  • Sealed dark reservoir maintains freshness while keeping atmospheric humidity down between feeding cycles.
  • The nutrient solution insulates and moderates the root zone temperature effectively for less shock and superior growth.
  • Unique design allows the air escape hole to aerate the nutrient solution during each flooding and draining cycle.
  • Very effective and reliable sub irrigation and capillary absorption design to maintain plant and growth medium stability crop after crop.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive equipment like submersible pumps, gfci’s and grounded heavy duty timers.
  • Low pressure air powered aerator flood and drain eliminates any electrical hazard associated with you and the nutrient solution.
  • No magnetic drive interference with trace elements from magnetic drive pumps.
  • No chance of oil contamination from submersible oil filled pumps.
  • Unique design allows to easily and thoroughly leach plants for a superior clean finished product with certified pure laboratory analysis.
  • For bottom flood, use a supplemental reservoir at half strength with a Blumat in the Air Saucer or Air Table to keep them automatically topped up with the perfect feed.
  • Specifically designed for use with Supernatural Brand Terraponics [The Superior Plant Growing Method], but can be used with any other media.
  • Excellent wicking trays for vegetative plants and seedlings / cuttings.
  • Very easy to set up and use.


Use in combination with Supernatural Gro Terra, Bloom Terra, Bud Blaster, Super Boost, EnormousCultivar Bags and Pure Earth Elements (all sold seperatly)


Supernatural Brand - Turbo Table 4 x 8'