Commercial spaces like warehouses, gyms, indoor gardens and plants need the power of the Quest Dual 225 Overhead Dehumidifier. As the industry’s 230-volt commercial dehumidifier, this unit is capable of removing up to 225 pints of water under AHAM conditions, features an onboard dehumidistat for automatic humidity regulation, and more.


For large areas, you can also daisy chain multiple units, controlling them with one remote dehumidistat. Multiple installation options, including ducting or not ducting, allow for versatile moisture removal anywhere you need it. 

Onboard Dehumidistat

Capable of monitoring humidity levels inside grow rooms and greenhouses, the Quest 225 efficiently removes accumulated moisture from the air resulting from watering and feeding.

The onboard dehumidistat can be preset to 3 different settings – dry, normal, and humid. When the humidity rises above your preset, it will automatically kick on the dehumidifier, running the unit until the humidity falls below 4% -6% relative humidity. Once the desired level has been achieved, it the unit will shut down.

Plug & Play and Overhead Installation

Putting in the Quest Dual 225 is easy with two preferred methods to installation: overhead (recommended) and ground installation.

  • Ground Installation: The simple ground or floor installation is the Plug & Play, allowing for easy accessibility to the unit and selecting the preferred humidity levels on the onboard dehumidistat.
  • Overhead Installation: The recommended installation method, the overhead suspension is a great alternative when floor space is needed. This solution is also great for capturing trapped heat and humidity lingering at near the ceiling. Install the dehumidifier using the Quest hanging brackets for ceiling suspension.

*Note: This dehumidifier uses a NEMA 6-15P plug type. This is a 3-prong plug with a face that looks like this: 

Additional Features

  • Fan Only Runs Whens Dehumidifying: The fan only runs when the compressor is running and the unit is dehumidifying.  
  • Daisy Chain Option: Wire up to six of these models together for use in large warehouse spaces. All six will be running off the same sensor on the Quest DEH 3000 R, so all models must be in the same room. 
  • Mounting Brackets: Suspend the unit above the growing area with the ceiling mounting brackets.
  • Gravity Drain: Gravity drain the condensate to a suitable outdoor or indoor drain source.
  • MERV 11: Remove particles such as bacteria and dust from your grow room air with the MERV 11 filters.
  • Easy Wiring: For easier wiring to an external control, this dehumidifier features a low voltage terminal block.
  • Made in the USA: The Quest 225 is proudly made in America.

Quest Dual Overhead Dehumidifier