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Looking to increase your ice water extraction efficiency? Our Axis Pulse is a vessel shaker or drum vibrator that reduces the blocking of filtration bags during the filtration process of ice water extraction.

This reduces the need for the operator to physically shake the filtration bag, improving operator efficiency. Add the Axis Pulse to a Bruteless Hash Washing System to improve flow rate during filtration, reducing operational costs.

*Estimated lead time is 4-6 weeks*


Reliability, Guaranteed

Reduced Blinding

Product tests revealed reduced blinding of filter bags during the hash filtration process, improving flow rate.

Bruteless Compatibility

For use with the Bruteless Vessel Elevated Axis Dolly and the Axis Hash Washing System. Available for existing users and as a part of a Solventless Extraction Package.

Improved Operator Efficiency

The Axis Pulse reduces the need to physically shake the vessel, freeing up the operator and improving efficiency.


Pure Pressure - Axis Pulse

Out of Stock
    • Mounting & control kit included | Min: 27 PSI | Max: 87 PSI
    • Pneumatic adjustable operation | 1920 VPM @ 27 PSI | 2580 VPM @ 87 PSI
    • Speed | VPM (Vibrations Per Minute) @ X number of PSI
    • Operational PSI | 80 (5.5 bar)
    • Force | 158.63 LBS