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Optimum Hydroponix Silicate 0-0-3 is an easy to use liquid formulation of potassium silicate (K2Si) which is to be added to a final pre-mixed nutrient solution to provide supplemental silicon and potassium.


Applying silicon has been shown to enhance plant growth and increase tolerance to environmental stresses such as cold, heat or drought-like conditions by helping to reinforce plant cell walls. Especially useful in hydroponic applications where adequate supplies of silicon are not readily available.

Optimum Hydroponix Silicate (0-0-3)

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  • Shake well before use.

    Never add Optimum Hydroponix Silicate directly to a nutrient concentrate; add only to the final nutrient solution. Adjust pH levels around 5.8.

    Hydroponics: Mix 1 mL of Optimum Hydroponix silicate per liter of nutrient solution

    Soil/Coco Media Applications: Mix 10 mL of Optimum Hydroponix Silicate per 20 Liters of water with every watering.