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Late Flower

NPK 0.06-0-0.15

Optic Foliar Elium will treat PM and boost the plant’s overall health. The dual action of Elium immediately combats and eradicates PM on the leaves while also boosting the plant’s overall health to help prevent and combat PM naturally. Utilize Elium concentrate to prevent and combat problems in any stage of growth from cuttings to late stages of flower.


Maintain healthy plants from mid flower to harvest with Optic Foliar ELIUM. ELIUM will ensure your plants receive essential trace minerals to keep plants in optimum condition from the critical stage of mid flower to Harvest. Elium is safe to use and does not leave any residuals or damage any critical oils or flower structure.

Optic Foliar Elium 4L Concentrate (0.06-0-0.15)

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C$39.99Sale Price
  • Can we use ELIUM in late flower?

    Yes, spot spray as needed and stop spraying one day before harvest


    How late into flower can I use ELIUM to control PM?

    Spot treat as needed in late flower and stop using 7-10 days before harvest.

    • For each litre of water add : 10 ml of ELIUM concentrate & 10 ml of TRANSPORT

    • Shake well and apply to plants every 7-10 days