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The Jacto HH-5 compression sprayer is portable and easy to use. Equipped with a piston-type pump, high-durability tank, adjustable cone nozzle, decompression valve for easy opening, and a wide funnel-type top for easy filling, the Jacto HH-5 is ideal for spraying small areas or individual plants.


TRIGGER VALVE - Lightweight and tough. Ideal for all-day work.

DECOMPRESSION VALVE - Pressure control and decompression valve to enable the spray tank lid to be safely removed.

NOZZLE - HH-5 equipped with adjustable cone nozzle. A full range of nozzles is available from your Jacto dealer.

PUMP - Pump to pressurize the tank.

WIDE FUNNEL-TYPE OPENING - For easy filling.

Jacto HH5 Pump Sprayer 5L

  • Length - 7.7 in

    Width - 7.7 in

    Height - 18.7 in

    Net weight - 3.3 lbs

    Hose length - 64.9 in

    Spray lance length - 13.7 in