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Humidification is critical for most production businesses. Often overlooked, maintaining the proper relative humidity level can reduce or eliminate a host of manufacturing problems. This can lead to increased production, increased product quality, and increased profits. The Hydrofogger is the ideal solution for mid-size humidification. With a coverage up to approximately 4500 ft per unit (depending on humidity level desired), the Hydrofogger produces the humidification you need simply, quietly, and efficiently.


IMPORTANT: The humidity coming out of your Hydrofogger is only as good as the water you put into it. To prevent the spread of micro-organisms in your environment and to avoid calcium and magnesium build-up, it is recommended to use water that has been filtered by reverse osmosis.


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  • Measures 17.25" tall (with fogging head) x 14" in diameter

    Dry weight is 15.25 lbs

    Coverage is up to 2000 ft2, depending on humidification requirements and ceiling height

    Output is approximately 1.05 gallons per hour

    Circulates 340 cubic feet per minute (cfm)

    Standard Voltage is 115V/60Hz (Fits into standard three-prong outlet)

    Power consumption is very low--0.9 amps

    Industrial-Grade Motor

    Comes with internal float valve to maintain proper water level

    Reservoir Pan Capacity is 2.1 quarts

    Operates at 62 dBA