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BioQuality is approved for organic inputs, plant-based vegan liquid fertilizer. It is a complete fertilizer kit for the full season and includes a chart with instructions for dosage. It has minimal salt content and, due to its plant-based nature, absorbs better than any other fertilizer on the market. This results in better plant growth and health. It is pathogen free and produced in sterile conditions. The main benefits include the enrichment of soil for long-term plant availability, greater economic value due to less fertigation required, fewer antagonists of nutrients, no risk of toxic residues, and low cultivation risk of poor yield results. This Green Search Inc. product is CFIA approved and is catered towards retail distribution. 

Green Search Inc. Bio Quality Vegan Nutrient Kit

C$200.00 Regular Price
C$180.00Sale Price
  • This product contains six distinct liquid fertilizers for the different stages of your crops. These include: Startup, Roots 2-0-3, Growing 6-3-4, Flower 5-2-5, Final 3-2-6, and Boost. Make sure to shake well before using. Store out of direct sunlight and out of reach of children.This product was made in Holland.