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Eurosolids Oligo Iron-IDHA 9% is a highly pure 100% chelated iron fertilizer, part of our in-house IDHA chelated product range, designed to counter Iron deficiency disorders on all crops.

Our patented IDHA chelating agent is the only biodegradable alternative to the classic chelates such as EDTA. It is mainly advised in foliar application. Soft on the leaf tissue, it doesn't leave any residues inside the plant, after it breaks down into naturally occurring plant components.
It is worthy to note that IDHA is a chelating agent, and not a complexing agent, having by far superior stability constant compared to other such alternatives on the market, thus the higher efficiency.

Made in EU with outstanding quality, the product is micro-granulated, dust free and user friendly.

  • Patented IDHA chelate fully biodegradable
  • Gives a strong apical zone, free of chlorosis
  • Iron 100% chelated and fully available up to a pH of 6
  • Developed for foliar application
  • Soft for leaf tissue

Euro Solids Oligo Iron-IDHA 9% 5kg

    • Rapidly dissolvable at high concentration
    • Low in Chloride
    • Brown/dark brown microgranules
    • Patented micro granulation process
    • Easy to handle, dissolve and apply