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The Bluelab pH Pen is a hardy, compact, and accurate pH and temperature pen for using in nutrient solution. Use the pH pen to quickly and accurately know if your solution is too acidic or alkaline, or too hot or cold. Designed for everyday use, the Bluelab pH Pen helps you to keep your plants in the  optimal pH and temperature range so that your plants can thrive. 

Getting started is easy. Follow the instructions to hydrate and calibrate your pen, and submerge the probe in your nutrient reservoir to view the measurement on the display.   

Bluelab pH Pen

  • Backlit LCD display  

    Low battery indicator  

    Hold reading function  

    Fully waterproof 

    Fully guaranteed for 1 year (with proof of purchase) 

    Auto-off function 

    Double junction probe  

    Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) 

    Successful calibration indicator  

    Selectable units for °C and °F