Combination Recycling and Lighting Timer. The Autopilot Master Digital Timer (MDT) controls lighting and timed recycling functions in your grow area. The MDT has simultaneous dual timer functions, a 24 hour time clock for lighting and a precise cycle timer for pumps, CO2 injection, exhaust, intake, etc. The MDT has four outlets. One outlet controls a pump or other recycling device; two outlets control daytime devices such as lights and light movers; and one outlet controls a nighttime device such as a heater, dehumidifier, or exhaust fan. The MDT features a high temperature shutdown function that detects unsafe high temperatures in the grow room and turns off the HID lights in the event of a ventilation failure. The MDT also features hot start protection to ensure proper lamp cooling before attempting to re-fire. Precise digital time clock with battery backup. Adjustable high temperature shutdown and hot start prevention. Recycling on/off range: 1 second to 96 hours. 3' remote temperature probebrbrNOTE: This controller has a 14.5A maximum load. For higher amperage units, or combined lighting wattage above 1200W, it is recommended to use a lighting controller. NOTE: 15' extension probe for this unit is available.

Autopilot Master Digital Timer

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