Autopilot CO2 Generator, 4 Burner, NG

Elevated atmospheric CO2 levels create remarkable increases in plant growth productivity. Using the APGN0400 to create these elevated levels in your grow room is simply the easiest way to accelerate plant growth. Autopilot CO2 generators provide and maintain the carbon dioxide levels needed to meet maximum growing potential, and operate for only pennies a day.

The APGN0400 is a highly reliable CO2 generator that features powder-coated steel enclosures that resist moisture, rust, and discoloration. This coating providing years of trouble-free operation. The APGN0400 4 Burner is very safe and easy to operate. Its built-in solid-state electronic ignition module creates a spark to light the burners. The unit is also equipped with a safety tip over feature that shuts off the gas source if the unit is tipped or falls over.

The APGN0400 Comes Equipped With:

  • Precision manufactured brass burners
  • Solid-state electronic ignition module—no pilot light necessary
  • TIP OVER switch shuts off gas source if the unit falls or tips over
  • SHUT DOWN warning with LED error indicator lights

This 4 burner unit is intended for spaces 14′ x 14′ and smaller. It requires unrestricted airflow through the bottom and must be mounted by hanging/suspending.

Autopilot CO2 Generator, 4 Burner, NG