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Athena Cleanse is made from the ideal (and safe) root zone optimizing  agents--Hypochlorous acid. This safe and mild acid is derived from saltand a proprietary electrochemical treatment process. The result is aunique, plant-safe chemical with powerful oxidative properties to keepyour root zone clean and free of unwanted organisms and buildup. Thesespecial properties improve both mineral and oxygen availability in thegrowing media.


Key Features

  • Non-toxic - Safe to use on plants in and stage of growth
  • Neutral pH - Won't affect solution stability
  • Increases Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP)
  • Breaks down scale - Keeps irrigation systems in pristine condition
  • Reduces biofilm - Keep lines clear of dangerous organic material
  • Very low TDS - Doesn't throw off mineral balance
  • Promotes robust root growth
  • Effective as a final flush to clean growing media
  • Keeps irrigation system cleaner and running efficiently longer
  • Reduces mineral buildup in media and lines
  • Increases oxygen and nutrient availability in growing media

Athena Cleanse