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SILISEC is a 100 % natural compound made from micronized silica. The particle size is 7-9 microns.

SILISEC is a product with a high hygroscopic power. Therefore, its application drastically reduces both environmental humidity and possible condensations at foliar levels.

SILISEC eliminates the high relative humidities that favor the proliferation of fungal diseases such as rotting (Botrytis cinerea), mildew, etc.

In addition, SILISEC, after its absorption is deposited in amorphous form in the cellular walls contributing to the mechanical properties of the wall improving its rigidity and elasticity, thus protecting the crop against possible infections.

Silicon is an element that is usually ignored, although depending on the type of crop, between 40 and 300 kg of silicon per year is absorbed from the soil. What causes a necessary supplement to avoid the degradation of both the crop and the terrain.



  • Contributes to the mechanical properties of the cell wall.
  • Prevents the appearance of fungal and bacterial diseases.
  • It intensifies the natural defences of the plant.
  • Reduces humidity in the environment.

AGRI Nova Science Silisec 1KG