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BIOMAX SOLID is a purified compound which is presented in micro granule form, based on a high content of free amino acids and nitrogen. The product has been developed for use via foliar application or root treatment whenever necessary in order to promote the growth and development of the crop.


This product is especially indicated for use in order to overcome critical stages within the growth process or situations of stress. It is particularly recommended for use in order to stimulate the rooting process, flowering, the beginning of fruit formation, ripening and to promote growth with respect to all kinds of crops (horticultural produce, citrus fruit trees, stone and seed bearing fruit trees, plants etc.)



Free amino acids: 90,0 % w/w.
Total Nitrogen (N): 14,2 % w/w.
Organic nitrogen (N): 14,2 % w/w.
APPEARANCE: Brown micro granule

CHARACTERISTICS: Density: 0,65 g/cm3
pH: 4,5


COMPATIBILITIES - *BIOMAX SOLID is compatible with most fertilizers and phytosanitary products. Do not mix with mineral oils, products that contain sulphur or copper and alkaline-reaction products.
Maintain out of the reach of children.

Maintain out of contact with foodstuffs, beverages and animal feed.

AGRI Nova Science Biomax Solid 1KG

  • BIOMAX SOLID is a mixture of solid amino acids of high richness in free amino acids (90%). This is obtained by a complex process of enzymatic hydrolysis. In it, enzymes proteolytics fractionate proteins after identifying and selecting certain sequences of Amino acids. The result is a purified compound rich in free amino acids.

    BIOMAX SOLID is a fertilizer especially suitable in times of stress. It facilitates the restructuring of the plant thanks to its high power to synthesize proteins. In this way, it favors the realization of the biochemical processes and consequently, the vitality of the plant. Specifically, it stimulates flowering and curdling, facilitates and enhances enzymatic function and increases photosynthesis.Induces the formation of ethylene and acts on the formation of cyclic nitrogenous compounds and acids of genetic differentiation. Reinforces the plant against adverse agents. It is a solid concentrate of proven efficacy in multiple vital functions of plants. It is due to the combined contribution of amino acid stimulators of the cell wall growth and regenerators



    • Free amino acids 90,0 % w/w
    • Total Nitrogen (N) 14,2 % w/w
    • Organic nitrogen 14,2 % w/w


    • Brown solid 
    • Soluble


    •  Density: 0.65 g/cm3
    • pH: 4.5

    Foliar Application Crops 

    • Citrus and fruit trees: 2.5 g/l of water 
    • Horticultural and cereals: 2.5 g/l of water 
    • Flowers and ornamentals: 2.5 g/l of water
    • Tropical fruit trees: 2.5 g/l of water

    Application Frequencies
     Perform several treatments at times of 
     increased need for cultivation. 

    Fertigation Crops 

    • Citrus and fruit trees: 4 kg/ha 
    • Horticultural: 4 kg/ha 
    • Flowers and ornamentals: 3 kg/ha 
    • Tropical fruit trees: 4 kg/ha

    BIOMAX SOLID is compatible with most fertilizers 
    and normally used plant protection products. You should not 
    to mix with mineral oils, with products that 
    contain sulphur or copper or with reaction products 

    Product components: Mix of amino acids of vegetable origin