JUNGLE JUICE MICRO - You'll see Better Results With This Micronutirnets Formula

Essential, exceptional nutrition from the very start! Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice Micro has precisely the nitrogen, iron and calcium that newly-sprouted plants need. Spare yourself the frustration of poor crop yields with this proven performer!


• 5-0-1 NPK formula perfected for the youngest plants
• Starts the 3-stage nutrient line
• No guesswork! Precise feeding schedules backed by exhaustive research
• Mixes quickly and cleanly in nutrient delivery systems
• Guaranteed performance


For use with all growing media and liquid feed growing systems.

Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice Micro 1L 5-0-1

  • For Herbaceous plants including Cannabis. Nutrient Solutions: Mix a new reservoir weekly. Coco: Daily. Other Substrates: 2-4 times/week as necessary.

    Shake well before use.

    • Use a conductivity or ppm meter to monitor water quality and control nutrient strength. Drain, discard and replace nutrient every week or two prevent nutrient imbalance.
    • Maintain nutrient pH between 5.5 6.3. Adjustment may be necessary since water quality and pH vary regionally and seasonally.
    • Refer to the Basic Applications Table for mixing recommendation. Please measure accurately. Reduce nutrient strength if plants show signs of stress, or if nutrient strength if plants show signs of stress, or if growing in very hot or bright environments.
    • Always add Jungle Juice Micro to fresh water first and mix in well, then add Jungle Juice Grow and/or Jungle Juice Bloom. Never combine Jungle Juice Micro with Jungle Grow or Bloom in undiluted form; doing so may cause the nutrient lock out making some minerals unavailable. This product is a concentrated to the limit of solubility. Protect from freezing and direct sunlight. If crystallization occurs, mix entire contents.