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Pros And Cons Of Growing In A Raised Garden Bed

Written By: Madelynn Gevaert 4/26/2023

Raised garden beds are all the hype recently for the modern grower, and are great for suburban areas and smaller spaces! In this article I will discuss the pros and cons of growing in a raised bed to help you decide if this method is for you!

What Is Raised Bed Gardening?

Raised bed gardening is an alternative method of growing crops gaining much popularity due to its many advantages, this is done by raising soil above ground level and is most often enclosed by some kind of structure, these beds are often made of wood, steel, or other materials to hold the soil in place. Typically filled with nutrient rich substrates such as compost, although it can be filled with any media of choice.

Advantages Of Growing In A Raised Bed

There are many advantages to growing in a raised bed, some even say that crops do better in a raised bed. Gardeners tend to choose this option due to inadequate soil in the yard, and in more suburban areas, to utilize the area they have in smaller yards, creating more growing space. Raised gardens will typically have less weeds as it is a more controlled area compared to that of the ground. Additionally it will allow for better water retention and help with drainage so that your plants are thriving and avoiding root rot. Another great advantage is that you can choose which media to grow in (adding compost is a great substrate mix to help provide long lasting nutrients), and with it being held in a raised bed it will not erode as quickly. All of these great advantages are why many growers are now opting to grow in a raised bed.

Disadvantages Of Growing In A Raised Bed

On the down side there are still disadvantages to growing in a raised bed, first it costs money to buy or build, and that can get pricey, additionally – the bed will need to be filled, and unless you have vast amounts of compost laying around, chances are you are going to have to pay to fill the bed. Plants will not have as much room for root growth and so this may limit the size of the crop and the size of the yield. With these beds being raised, they will collect more heat and therefore dry out quicker, requiring watering more often. Despite the few disadvantages of growing in a raised garden, this method of growing is still an amazing choice for all gardeners.

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