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Diving into Guttation: Nature's Liquid Marvels in Cannabis Plants

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Written by: Madelynn Gevaert 6/05/2023

Guttation is a natural process that can occur in cannabis and other plants. It involves the exudation or release of liquid droplets from the tips or edges of leaves, typically during the early morning or nighttime hours. These droplets are known as guttation droplets.

Guttation is different from dew, which forms when moisture in the air condenses on the surface of leaves. Instead, guttation occurs when water from the plant's vascular system is pushed out through specialized structures called hydathodes, located at the leaf margins or tips.

The process of guttation is driven by root pressure. When soil moisture levels are high and the plant's root system absorbs more water than the plant can transpire through its leaves, the excess water is forced out through the hydathodes. This water may contain dissolved nutrients and other compounds from within the plant.

In cannabis, guttation is most commonly observed in young, rapidly growing plants. The droplets may appear clear or white and can vary in size. Guttation is more noticeable when plants are grown in high humidity conditions or under controlled environments with limited air movement.

It's important to note that guttation droplets should not be mistaken for resin or trichomes, which are produced by resin glands and serve different purposes. Guttation droplets primarily consist of water and can sometimes be mistaken for signs of excessive watering. However, guttation is a natural process and doesn't necessarily indicate a problem unless it occurs excessively or consistently.

While guttation is generally harmless and part of a plant's normal physiological processes, it's worth ensuring that your cannabis plants receive appropriate watering and have proper drainage to avoid excessive moisture buildup. Adequate ventilation and airflow can also help minimize the occurrence of guttation.

Overall, guttation in cannabis is a natural occurrence and not a cause for concern. By maintaining a balanced watering routine and providing optimal growing conditions, you can ensure the health and well-being of your cannabis plants.

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