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Used for:

The control of darkling beetle/lesser mealworm.

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1 Trap


Black conical trap with a protective cap that snaps securely onto a white plastic base.


When to use SCARABtrap?

Use SCARABtrap to control darkling beetle/lesser mealworm (Alphitobius diaperinus) populations in poultry houses and egg-laying facilities.

How Does SCARABtrap Work?

SCARABtrap holds darkling beetle bait inside its base. The beetkes climb up the sides of the conical cap and fall inside, where they remain until they can be disposed of.


- Put the bait (poultry feed) and weight (such as a large stone, especially for large birds like turkeys) in the bowl to stabilize the trap.
- Attach the conical cap by snapping it onto the pins on the bowl.
- Position traps at the feeder line, entrances and along walls, especially close to any heaters.


Store SCARABtraps at room temperature.



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