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Sticky ribbon with wet glue


Used for:

Trapping flying insects

Quantities Available

Container Size

Packaging Style


1 roll of Polyethylene ribbon coated with wet sticky glue.

5, 15 and 30 cm x 100m
15 cm width is also available in lengths of 125, 150 and 500 m; other lengths on request.


Available Colours: Yellow, Blue, White, Red, Black and transparent

When to Use Rollertrap?

Use Rollertrap for trapping whiteflies, thrips, leaf miner and fungus gnats in hot spots or places where high pressure can be expected, such as along gables, ventilation windows and (other) draughty places.
Pests: Whitefly, thrips, leaf miners, fungus gnats.

How Does Rollertrap Work?

Insect pests are attracted to the colour of the sticky trap and get caught in the glue.


Make sure that the Rollertraps are at least a room temperature before placing them. The glue will be softer and the traps will unroll easier.

- Place Rollertraps in areas where high pest pressure is expected, such as along gables, near ventilation windows and at (other) places with dry conditions.
- Rollertraps should be hung above the crop is still low.
- Attach the Rollertrap to crop wires, greenhouse poles, or other supportive structures.
- Place the Rollertrap approximately 25cm above the crop, except for the 30 cm width which needs to be placed 40 cm above the crop.
- To assist with placement, insert a rod or other expedient through the center opening of the roll which will allow the Rollertrap to spin freely while unrolling.
- At the beginning and end of each run. cut the trap approximately 40 cm longer than the support structure. Wrap the extra around the support and secure with staples or clips. It may be necessary to secure the Rollertrap mid run to provide additional support.
- It is recommended to replace the Rollertrap after 10 months, or earlier if the surface is largely covered by insects and/or debris.
- For additional recommendations and rates, contact your local Koppert representative or distributor.


Storage Time: See best before date.
Storage Temperature: 0-32°C/32-104°F
Storage Conditions: In a cool, dry place.


One Rollertrap per 1 to 3 plant rows.

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