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Pheromone Lures

Type: Species-specific pheromones or lures.

Used for:

Early detection of pests

Quantities Available

Container Size

Packaging Style


1 sachet


Aluminum sachet with pheromone/lure dispenser.

For use with different kinds of traps.

When to Use Pherodis?

Use Pherodis species-specific pheromones or lures to attract male moths, beetles, mealybugs and flies to traps.

How does Pherodis Work?

Pherodis dispensers release a species-specific sex pheromone or lure, and need to be used in combination with an insect trap, the type of trap depends on the species to be monitored. The species-specific sex pheromone lures males of the target pest into the trap. Trapping males also aids in reducing the number of eggs laid by females as they fail to mate. For some pests, Pherodis dispensers contain lures which attract both sexes of the target species.


- Collect the sachets containing the pheromone dispensers from the cold store and open the sachets.
- Do not touch the dispenser, since manual contact can spread pheromones to other areas.

- Place the dispenser in the trap and place the trap in the right position as indicated for the particular trap.
- Wash your hands between assembling pheromone traps for different pest species.
- During the first few days following the installation of a new capsule higher numbers may be caught due to a temporarily higher release of the pheromone from the new capsule.
- Pheromone dispensers remain effective for a maximum of 6 weeks.


Storage Time: 2 years after the production date when stored in a freezer (-18°C), and 1 year when stored in a refrigerator (4-6°C).
Storage Temperature: Preferably in a freezer (-18°C), and in any case at temperatures below 4°C.
Storage Conditions: Store in closed sachets.


In general two or four dispensers per hectare.

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