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Hand-held blower


Used for:

Uniform distribution of natural enemies

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When to Use Mini-Airbug?

Use the Mini-Airbug for the distribution of natural enemies in the crop. The Mini-Airbug can be used for full-field distribution, specific hot spots as well as for the distribution of Artefeed and Entofood.

How Does Mini-Airbug Work?

The innovative combination of the special fan of the Mini-Airbug and the revolving dosing pot ensures a uniform release of carrier material containing natural enemies. The airlfow from the fan guarantees a uniform distribution of this material up to a distance of at least 2 meters from the Mini-Airbug.


- Adjust the size of the holes in the dosing pot to the required dosage based on the information provided in the table on the underside of the pot.
- Fill the dosing pot with the material to be released and close the lid.
- Place the fully charged battery in the belt bag.
- Adjust belt around your waist.
- Connect the cable to the battery.
- Attach the dosing pot to the revolving head of the blower.
- Start the Mini-Airbug by pushing both buttons.
- Walk at constant speed.
- Hold the blower at the right angle to cover the crop well.


Store the Airbug and accessories in a dry and dust-free area. The Airbug can be stored in the supplied case. Always store the batteries in the chargers when not in use.


Volume of dosing pot/drum: 1.5 litres.

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