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Lure for thrips

Active Ingredient - Thrips Kairomone

Used for:

Early detection of thrips

Quantities Available

Container Size

Packaging Style


20 dispensers/package


Dispenser containing the kairomone.


When to Use Lurem-TR?

Use Lurem-TR to increase the attraction of thrips to blue and yellow sticky traps and thus ensures earlier discovery of the pest.

Pests: Several thrips species; such as Frankliniella occidentalis and Thrips tabaci.

How Does Lurem-TR Work?

Lurem contains a kairomone, which is slowly released from the dispenser once opened. This makes adult thrips more active. They appear from their shelters and are more attracted to the sticky traps.


- Twist the top of the dispenser to activate the release of the kairomone.

- Hang the dispenser next to the sticky trap
- Place the sticky trap and dispenser just above ( max. 30 cm) the top of the plants.


Storage Time: See package for expiry date.
Storage Temperature: 8-10°C/47-50°F.
Storage Conditions: Store out of sunlight.


- Use 1 dispenser per 100 m2
- Replace after 6 weeks

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