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Horiver Disc

Sticky trap


Used for:

Trapping Root Aphids and Fungus Gnats

Qunatities Available

Container Size

Packaging Style





- With holes for drip irrigation.

When to use Horiver Disc?

Use Horiver Disc for trapping root aphids and fungus gnats.

How does Horiver Disc work?

Insect pests are attracted to the colour of the sticky trap and get caught in the glue.


- Remove the silicone cover paper from one side of the trap.
- Place trap around stem of the plant with the sticky side down, just above the substrate.
- Remove the silicone cover paper from the top side of the trap.
- Replace the traps when largely covered by insects and/or debris.


Storage Time: See best before date.
Storage Temperature: 0-32°C/32-104°F.
Storage Conditions: In a cool, dry place.


One Horiver Disc per plant.

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