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Horiver Delta

Sticky Trap with dry glue


Used for:

Moths and Mealybugs

Quantities Available

Container Size

Packaging Style


1 package of 5 pieces Polysterene card coated with dry sticky glue.



Available colours and sizes: Yellow, 20x40 cm

When to use Horiver Delta?

Use for Horiver Delta in combination with species specific Pherodis pheromone for trapping and monitoring moths and mealybugs.

Pests: Different species of moths and mealybugs, depending on the pheromone used.

How does Horiver Delta work?

Male moths and mealybugs are attracted to the species-specific pheromone and get caught in the glue.


- Remove the silicone paper from one side of the trap
- Fold the card into a triangle with the glued surface on the inside of the trap.
- Use a staple or clip to keep the trap in its triangle shape
- Place the Pherodis capsule in the middle of the bottom of the trap

- Hang the traps above the crop in a location where they can easily be inspected (e.g. along the central aisle of the greenhouse).
- Distribute the traps as evenly as possible over the area, in order to avoid interference.
- Replace the traps when largely covered by insects and/or debris.


Storage time: See best before date.
Storage temperature: 0-32°C/32-104°F.
Storage conditions: In a cool, dry place.


- Two or four Horiver Delta traps per hectare for each species of moth
- One trap per 500-1000 m2 for mealybugs

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