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Insect Trap


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Spotted Wind Drosophila

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One trap with suspension hook.




When to use Drososan?

Use the Drososan trap for monitoring and trapping spotted wing drosophila in combination with Fruit Fly Attractant.

Pests: Spotted wing drosophila (Drosophila suzukii).

Crops: Various fruit crops.

How does Drososan work?

The Drososan trap needs to be used in combination with Fruit Fly Attractant. The spotted wing drosophila are attracted to the trap by the liquid attractant. Once in the trap they drown in the attractant. The trap has been specifically designed to prevent the undesired trapping of other insects.


- Fill the trap with approx. 200 ml of Fruit Fly Attractant

- Hang the trap on a branch or stick using the enclosed hook.
- The most effective place to hang the traps is in the shade along the sides of the plot, in the hedge (if available) and in the crop. If the crop is low, make sure the traps hang at least one metre above the ground. In taller crops, the traps can be placed in the crop.
- Protect the traps against direct sunlight.
- Check the traps weekly
- Once the luring substance in the trap has attracted too many flies or has evaporated, the traps must be refilled

Install the traps as soon as the temperature exceeds 10°C, coinciding with the beginning of the adult flights and fruit development in surrounding trees and shrubs. Traps will be less effective once fruit starts to ripen.

Combined use: use in combination with Fruit Fly Attractant.


Storage conditions: Store out of sunlight.


The number of traps required depends on local factors such as climate, crop and pest density and should always be adjusted to the particular situation. The trap density typically ranges from 1-20 per hectare.

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