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Phermone trap


Used for:

Moths and Mealybugs

Quantities Available

Container Size

Packaging Style


One trap with suspension hook and one sticky insert



Weather proof plastic

When to use Deltatrap?

Use the Deltatrap for monitoring and trapping male moths and mealybugs in protected and outdoor crops in combination with a species-specific pheromone.

How does Deltatrap work?

The Deltatrap needs to be used in combination with Pherodis pheromone dispensers. The dispensers release a species-specific sex pheromone which lures the males of the particular pest into the trap. Once in the trap they get stuck in the glue and are easy to detect, count and identify. Trapping males also aids in reducing the number of eggs laid by females as they fail to mate.


- Fold the trap into a trianlge
- Place a sticky insert at the bottom of the trap, with the sticky surface facing upwards
- Fold both edges at the base of the triangle upwards
- Place the Pherodis capsule in the middle of the sticky insert at the bottom of the trap

- Hang the traps approximately 10 cm above the crop in a location where they can easily be inspected (e.g. along the centre aisle of the greenhouse).
- Distribute the traps as evenly as possible over the area, in order to avoid interference.
- Replace the sticky insert when largely covered by insects and/or debris.


Storage temperature: 0-32°C/32-104°F
Storage conditions: Store out of sunlight


- Use two or four traps per hectare for every species of moth to be monitored.
- Use one trap per 500-1000 m2 for mealybug

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