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Full-automatic blowing device


Used for:

Uniform distribution of natural enemies

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- No impact on the quality of the natural enemies
- More efficient than manual application

When to use Airobug?

Use the Airobug for the distribution of natural enemies in the crop. The Airobug can be used for large surfaces and full field distribution in high-tech greenhouses with internal transport systems.

How does Airobug work?

The innovative combination of the special fan of the Airobug and the revolving dosage pots ensures a uniform release of carrier material containing natural enemies. The airflow from the fan guarantees a uniform distribution of this material up to a distance of at least 10 meters from the Airobug.


- Place the Airobug in the right start position on the mono-rail or pipe-rail.
- Make sure the battery is fully charged.
- Calculate the time required for the Airobug to go back and forth in the bay.
- Calculate the required dosage per bay.
- Calculate the settings of the dosing pots together with a Koppert consultant or advisor.
- Adjust the dosing pots to the correct settings making use of the information provided in the table on the underside of the dosing pots.
- Fill the dosing pots with the material to be released and close the lid.
- Attach the dosing pots to the Airobug.
- Turn on the switch of the Airobug to start releasing the material.


Store the Airobug and accessories in a dry and dust-free area. Always store the batteries in the chargers when not in use.


Volume of dosing pot/drum: 3 litres and 5 litres (double/both sides).

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