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  • EASY INSTANT WORKSTATION – You don’t need tables and a whole trim room… transform any chair into a high-quality trimming station with the TrimTray ! Ideal for both smaller residential spaces and large commercial operations.
  • TRIM FASTER AND IMPROVE YIELDS – The TrimTray is engineered to optimize performance during the processing and manicuring stages of harvest. Our lightweight, low-profile design rests comfortably in your lap and keeps your work all in one easy space, so you can crush those pounds without distractions!
  • COLLECT TONS OF KIEF! The tray comes in a two-tiered, zero-waste design with a mesh kief screen built into the top tray. The ultra-fine 150 micron stainless steel screen captures even the finest trichomes and stores your kief safely in the tray below. Perfect for collecting crystals to make essential oils, wax and shatter!
  • ANTI-SLIP BOTTOM – There’s nothing worse than knocking over a tray full of trimmed bud… the Happy Hydro trim tray minimizes the risk of spills and messy situations with an anti-slip rubber bottom that stays put in your lap or on the table. 2.25-inch walls keep the herb contained and let your arms hang comfortably.

Trim Tray