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RhizoVital – The next generation plant inoculant

The product-line RhizoVital offers a range of biostimulating microbial inoculants, containing spores of the naturally occurring soil bacteria Bacillus velezensis or Bacillus atrophaeus. The bacteria germinate in the soil and release enzymes which stimulate nutrient mobilization. RhizoVital supports the availability of plant nutrients which can lead to an increase in yield response. Tolerance towards stress caused by unfavorable climatic conditions and field management can be improved. Use RhizoVital as an integral part of a future oriented production strategy.

Versatile use

RhizoVital has to be applied as early as possible in the plant development. The good miscibility with crop protection products and fertilizers facilitates combination with almost all application processes. Thus the product can be applied using different application methods like: seed treatment, drenching, spraying (on soil surface), mixing into soils and substrates, injection into hydroponic and fertigation systems and root dipping.



  • Increased crop yields possible through better plant nutrient availability
  • Compatible with most fertilizers and plant protection products
  • Improves root growth and nutrient mobilisation

  • Complements conventional production strategies
  • Easy to apply and store (min. 2 years at room temperature)
  • Fully compatible with organic and residue free production

Bacillus velezensis (different strains) can also be provided as raw material (e.g. for seed coatings/treatments, fertilizer formulation, substrate addition etc.)

RhizoVital 500ml

C$100.00 Regular Price
C$90.00Sale Price