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Specially designed to ensure a strong gripping power, the plant support clip significantly helps reduce labor costs by connecting the plants to the trellising twine in a simple click, ensuring that the clip is well fastened.


  • Easy and fast to install and to remove
  • High quality
  • Lightweight
  • Ventilated
  • Extra strong gripping force
  • Does not slip along the twine
  • Click sound system to signal correct fastening
  • Time and labor costs saving (average of 1,400 clips per hour)
  • Eliminates the slow and potentially stem-breaking method of twisting the plant around the trellising twine for support
  • Upgraded design to minimize damage: smooth edges, air holes around the clip to prevent from fungus formation
  • The ribs on the sides prevent fingers slippage and ache while closing
  • Available with a diameter of 23 mm, in different colors and biodegradable option
  • 550kcr Made from recycled material

Paskal Plant Stalk Support Clip