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Supermax B1 1-2-1 is a natural growth stimulant derived from high quality seaweed. A source of up to 60 trace elements and a variety of vitamins and minerals make it an excellent method to supplement nutrient feeds.


  • Works as an overall tonic to improve and sustain plant health through all stages of development.
  • Relieves transplant stress in rooted cuttings and small plants.
  • Promotes lush, vigorous vegetative growth.
  • Helps prevent and correct deficiencies.
  • An excellent source of B vitamins and essential micronutrients supplements nutrient feeds.


Supermax B1 acts as an all-purpose tonic providing benefit to plants through all stages of growth. Use as a foliar spray on cuttings to promote early root development, on rooted cuttings to relieve transplant stress, and throughout the vegetative cycle to promote lush, vigorous foliage. May be added to hydroponic nutrient solutions or to water for plants in soil. Ideal for use both indoors and out.

Optimum Hydroponix Supermax B1 (1-2-1)

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