Maximize your plant’s flowering and fruiting potential by adding Optimum Hydroponix GigaBoost 0-3-3 to your favorite bloom fertilizer. GigaBoost delivers an iconic boost to your growing program by adding optimal ratios of phosphorous, potassium, and magnesium to rev up a plant’s flowering performance.

Less Stress = Maximized Performance

While most flowering fertilizers provide the basics, GigaBoost adds essential building blocks that plants need to perform their best under the stresses of the indoor growing environment. As a result, plant energy becomes targeted on producing bigger, heavier and more fragrant flowers and fruit.

Add GigaBoost to your nutrient solution from early flowering through to a couple of weeks prior to harvest for optimized results whether growing in soil, peat, hydroponics or coco-based growing mediums.

Optimum Hydroponix Gigaboost 0-3-3

  • For Soil/Peat/Coco/Hydroponics:

    Early Flowering: Add 1 mL of Optimum Hydroponics Gigaboost to 1L of water or nutrient solution. Early flowering is defined as when the flower sit appears until the flower petals open.

    Flowering/Fruiting: Add 2 mL of Optimum Hydroponic Gigaboost to 1L of water or nutrient solution. Stop using Gigaboost approximately 2-3 weeks prior to harvest.

    Don’t use in conjunction with any flower enhancers or fruit ripening products.