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Offered in one size only

  • For trapping and monitoring different flying insects

  • With grid for easy counting (10x25cm)

  • Cut-out for easy and quick application (10x25cm)


Mode of action

Insect pests are attracted to the colour of the sticky trap and get caught in the glue.


Use Horiver for trapping and monitoring of different flying insects.


  • Yellow: whiteflies, thrips, fungus gnats, leaf miners
  • Blue: thrips
  • Black: Tuta absoluta

Koppert - Horiver Sticky Polysterene Cards - Blue (10x25cm)

  • Presentation

    Polysterene cards coated with wet sticky glue.

    Available colours and sizes

    • Yellow: 10x25cm; 20x25cm; 25x40cm
    • Blue: 10x25cm; 20x25cm; 25x40cm
    • Black: 25x40 cm

    Numbers per package

    • 10x25 cm: 10 pieces
    • 20x25 cm: 22 pieces
    • 25x40 cm: 12 pieces
    • Outer cards with glue at one side only