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The HI73127 spare pH sensor makes electrode replacement quick and easy. The spare pH sensor is designed as an easy-fit cartridge that locks into place, featuring two o-rings to maintain a watertight seal. With no pins to line up or that can break, this sensor is ideal for quick replacements.


More details about Hanna HI73127 Probe PHEP4 & PHEP5 & Combo:

The HI73127 is a spare pH tester electrode that is compatible with:

  • HI98129, and HI98130 Combo multiparameter testers
  • HI98127 and HI98128 pHe® testers
  • HI98121 ORP tester

These meters also use HI73127 replaceable electrode that has a stainless steel round connector and extendable cloth junction. This cartridge design has no pins to line up or that can break.

Hanna Hi73127 Probe PHEP4 & PHEP5 & Combo

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    SKU 06028000020
    Part Number HI73127
    Acomba 2209
    Shipping Weight (lbs) 0.05
    Shipping Lenght (in) 3.50
    Shipping Width (in) 2.25
    Shipping Height (in) 1.00
    Brand Hanna Instruments